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R Ventures is a group that helps empower refugees to become technology entrepreneurs.Their first cohort is diving into VR and education. I wanted to write a quick blog post that shows you how you can use this amazing tool for your Unity3D creations, and if you're an Edorble Creator, to enhance your world.When reading sensational headlines about VR and the predictions about its profound, revolutionary impact on just about any field (including education), one could get the sense that attention to this “new” technology is springing up for the first time.This doesn’t do justice to the history of Virtual Reality technology though, and it doesn’t help us see how this current hype and technology is different than what came before it.See below two people checking out a a 3D world together - created in Unity, published in Edorble.The merging of Unity 3D and Edorble makes our course different than similar Unity courses offered on Udemy or elsewhere.

In order to define the scope of “VR history”, we have to establish a working definition of the term “Virtual Reality”, a strange, oxymoronic term if there ever was one.Participants in our course will be able to quickly publish their work to share with the instructor and their peers, and can even explore it together or hold a class inside of a 3D scene.Participants will also be creating their own 3D environment throughout the course of the class, and at the end they'll be able to publish their final product to Edorble so that anyone with a PC, Mac, or VR headset from around the world can check it out - together.Angebot lsungsorientiertes Arbeiten im Familienrecht als Verfahrensbeistand, Umgangspflegerin, Umgangsbegleiterin, Vormund und Sachverstndige im familiengerichtlichen Fragen Diplom-Sozialpdagogin Kinderschutzfachkraft...Ganzheitliche seriöse, vertrauliche Lebensberatung für Ihr Leben mit Kartenlegen, Engeln, Astrologie, spirituellem Wissen uvm. Homöopathgie-Praxis Annette Wiegmann Praxis für klassische Homöopathie, Gesprächstherapie, Bachblütenberatung, Lebensberatung Psychosomatische Erkrankungen, ADHS-Symptomatik, Migräne, Neurodermitis, Chronische Errkankungen, Ängste Heilpraktikerin, München...

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