Alex baldwin dating

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It turns out, though, that one of her clients is more exciting — and forbidden.

It’s her stepfather Martin, played by Alec Baldwin.

The actor called his daughter a "rude, thoughtless little pig" for not answering his call.

The recording was contained in a sealed court file in Alec and Basinger's custody fight over their daughter.

He says the producers, who include Academy Award-winning “House of Cards” star Kevin Spacey, mislead him about his female co-star’s true age, the Hollywood Reporter said.

The film is about a smart and adventurous high school girl named Mini who wants to seize on unique life experiences, including being a call girl.

Apparently, according to , Baldwin was a friend of Hart's, and Onassis wanted him to hook her up, asking, "Do you think Alec could be my date for the theatre on my birthday?

""I was surprised by the openness of the request, but I acted as though there was nothing unusual about it," Hart says.

"I have endured a great deal over the last several years in my custody litigation.

However casual he may have acted, Hart didn't lose sight of the fact that he was dealing with Jackie O, so he unsurprisingly followed through.

When Baldwin got the message, "Alec was most shocked of all, but there wasn’t a moment’s hesitation, even though he had just met Kim Basinger." Given a chance to recover, he was down, responding, "I'm there," and insisting, "Are you kidding? Of course."The postscript to their date isn't clear, but that just gives license for the imagination to run wild.

Wilde, who is now engaged to Jason Sudeikis, divorced Ruspoli back in 2011 after eight years of marriage.

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