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Debbie will appear as a ‘picker’ when the first episode of the revamped show airs on Channel 5 tomorrow.But she chose not to reveal on the programme how she lost her fiancé.Online dating site Ok Cupid has launched a new blind date app, and it can hook you up in a hot minute.Crazy Blind Date, available for i Phone and Android, is all about immediacy, especially for those who find the endless back-and-forth messages typical of online dating to be a buzzkill.Physical appearance may be a factor but we should all remember that what’s inside is what truly matters.Furthermore, we think that this experiment was able to showcase how most people on dating apps are more geared towards physical attractiveness and care less about real friendships or deep relationships. Let us know in the comment box below and share this post with your family and friends too!So they got the help of their friend Sarah and transformed her into a fat lady with the help of a fat suit and all the makeup to make it even more realistic.

Just like hot guys on blind dates are rare, because they are more likely to get dates on their own with people they know. Pretty girls don't get all the date offers that “hot” girls do.It’s no secret that Ok Cupid is big on data: Its insightful Ok Trends blog whips up hilarious infographics about its users, such as whether college students who pay higher tuition want to have more sex (they do), or whether people who tweet every day have shorter-lasting relationships (also the case).Getting set up on a blind date with a girl considered to be hot by most people isn't very likely.Insurance worker Debbie decided to take the plunge after getting sick of trying to find love online.She said: “I’d tried dating sites but they just weren’t for me.

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