Canning jar dating

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NOTE: Some of the photos say “Dykens Family” but the free downloadable template says “Yummy Homemade.” You’re more than welcome to use this printable canning label template for free with the request that anyone using this template or design post a comment below.SUN (inside a stylized sun motif) / TRADE MARK - This is a quart size SUN fruit jar with the original lid and a rare original cast iron clamp and cam lever closure!I believe it was reader Janet in Massachusetts who suggested I snip the heads (scapes) off the stems to encourage better growth, so I'll take this moment to thank her for the advice. Nipped off the tip with a knife, peeled the papery skin off. There are a number of ways to preserve garlic, but I wanted to can it minced.I seldom use fresh garlic, but instead buy minced garlic.My revised design involved scanning in a swatch of Anna Maria Small Gathering fabric in citrus……then I cropped in close, changed the colors in Photoshop, and typed in the labels.

Click Monier's 1895 patent to see such including the patent illustration showing this closure, lid and jar finish.As always, I think to myself, "If they can do it [meaning, canning minced garlic] then I can do it." Trouble was, I could find no reference to canned garlic in any of my canning books, so I wasn't sure how long to process it. but mistakenly purchased the orange-flavored chewable type.Garlic is low-acid and so it would need to be pressured canned -- that much I knew -- but for how long? Blackburn suggested I add a Vitamin C tablet (ascorbic acid) to each jar as a preservative. Figuring that wouldn't work so well with garlic, instead I added a quarter-teaspoon of citric acid, which I keep on hand for cheesemaking.The jar itself is mint with the usual ground rim (no real chipping during grinding), a lid that just has a tiny bit of roughness (in making I believe) on the lower edge, and no staining whatsoever.These humble glass pieces were designed for putting up fruits and vegetables in the days before refrigeration.

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