Dating a girl with bad breath

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When it comes to dating, bad breath is commonly-referred to as a “deal breaker.” It has also been called “the ultimate first date turnoff.”For many people who suffer from halitosis, this is no laughing matter.

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Felt like if i gave her a makeoever she could be extremely hot. When i dropped her off she says, "hope to hear from you soon." dude koreans live off of garlic and kimchi better get used to the smell. I couldnt take it anymore so I stopped talking to her. " When I tell them it was because of her breath they don't believe me. Give her some peroxide and baking soda and tell her to swish it around. Obviously they weren't just on a nail salon salary.

When I was done kissing her I would always smell my upper lip and it would smell like her breath. To this day my boys are like, "yo I don't know why you didn't wife that!? They didn't care either, would let us drive their cars whenever we wanted to.

Have you ever wondered what things are the biggest bad breath offenders? A lot of times, they try to work through it because we all have bad breath once in awhile.

Have you ever wondered if your bad breath might actually be killing your dates or at least your chance of having another date? However, if your breath is so offensive that they can't even pay attention to your conversation because they are distracted by the stench of your breathe then chances are, you will not be getting another date.

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