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SEO has much of its roots in the practice of targeted link building.And while it's no longer the only core component involved, it's still a hugely valuable factor when it comes to rank boosting.

This week we're going to chat about four questions that kind of all go together around targeted link building.

Targeted link building is the practice of reaching out and trying to individually bring links to specific URLs or specific domains — usually individual pages, though — and trying to use those links to boost the rankings of those pages in search engine results. Obviously, a lot of other practices have come into play in the industry, and I think there's even been some skepticism from folks about whether targeted link building is still a valid practice.

And look, for a long time, this was the core of SEO. I think we can start with that question and then get on to some of these others.

In my opinion, targeted link building does make sense when you fulfill certain conditions.

We know from our experimentation, from correlation data, from Google's own statements, from lots of industry data that links still move the needle when it comes to rankings. Even if it's indirect, if you can observe both those things happening, it's probably worthwhile.

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