Dating someone who you are not attracted to

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If you don’t find the info you need in this column, please visit the Dear Wendy archives or the forums (you can even start your own thread), or submit a question for advice.In a feature I call “Your Turn,” in which you, the readers, get to answer the question, I’m presenting the following letter without commentary from me: I have been seeing a guy for seven months now.But I think you're asking in the sense of whether it's something that other people should condemn as frivolous.That's a question that others have answered, but I'd like to answer a third question: is it conducive to your future happiness to accept or discard people as prospective mates on the basis of their physical appearance?Is anyone feeling lethargic or a shift from the ecplise? His original message got lost in a long list of generic (or disgusting) messages from people, and I ignored it for a few days.

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I can go to a party, and there’s always one person I’m most attracted to.” Our attractions are forged in the deep space of our being, born of countless, often unknowable forces.When we encounter someone for the first time, our psyche and heart begin an astonishingly complex scan, picking up obvious cues like physique and facial structure, but also noting myriad subtle cues such as body language, facial expression, the contour of the lips, the nuance of the voice, and the muscles around the eyes.Your married pals are probably telling you to sally forth despite your misgivings because they’re just a little jealous.How many of them have adoring spouses who worship the ground they walk on? You can factor their input into your decision-making process, but don’t let them make up your mind and don’t cave to peer pressure. So, let’s plumb the depths of shallowness just a bit further in search of a little more insight.

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