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Danielle Hollis is faced with a very tough decision for what to do for spring break. Since Spring Fling is supposed to be a more fun and light-hearted read, most of the characters are like cardboard cutout characters from a romantic comedy.

However, with the invite from her older sister and two very persuasive friends, Danielle finds herself in an airport, with the thought that maybe her bags had the right idea not coming to Miami. Even though many of the plots in this books echo plots from many teen movies, it suits the book’s purpose.

He pretty much thinks I'm going to ruin his life - doesnt seem to get that my life isnt going to be easy either and that to ask me to do something I dont want to or agree with because its what he wants is not fair, similarly, I feel guilty that by having baby I am doing the same to him - forcing him into a situation he doesnt want. Im so tired from thinking about this and whether I should try talking to him again or jst leave him be.

He hasnt said what he would do if I had baby, he doesnt want to have to think about it.

They just seemed goofy, kind of lackadaisical, not interested in their studies.

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