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Even Lady Gaga learnt piano when she was four and wrote her first ballad at 13. Maybe someone around us is not one yet, but still has an ear for music. Playing interactive musical games on the web could be a stepping stone to find out if your child has an ability for music.If the enthusiasm to learn about music is there, deciding on a more specific musical education becomes easy.The real charm of this game is its narrative voice – the text was written by Douglas Adams himself. But, devotees of Adams’ work should struggle through – it’s worth it just for the one-liners.If you think that reads more like poetry than it does a game you’re probably right.Everything costs only a click on the screen, and the chosen shape appears.Other details, like the face, the hair style, and the eye color can be selected too. Interactive fiction (IF) games do still exist and there are plenty of options available online. So begins this less-than-epic quest, in which our hero attempts to find a pig. It also features some pretty good adventure-game-style puzzles, but don’t give up too quickly.

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First of all you can choose and customize the actors.

The site is a bit dated but is still useful for the basic knowledge it provides for a music learner.

Musical education for kids should ideally start with a base in the classics. If you are in the US, you can tune into the radio show or listen to them on the website.

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