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In recent years, his research has confronted another of archaeology’s mysteries by delving underwater to seek submerged evidence of early Americans off the coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico. During his career, he has specialized in the analysis of perishable materials (basketry, textiles, cordage, etc.) and the application of high-tech methods in archaeological research.This flight of seemingly countless steps, ascending with rails almost like scaffolding to a destination high above, invited a small sense of adventure.But I could envision that, long before this modern, convenient construction, human visitors surely had a more challenging task.The Prehistoric Indian Village invites young and old to discover the traditional culture of the region’s Eastern Woodland Indians before the arrival of European settlers, and learn how the Indians used the plant, animal, and mineral resources in the forests around them to provide for their daily needs.Visitors can step inside a wigwam, find out about spear-throwers and other native tools, and see how Indians grew corn and other crops at the Three Sisters Garden.I was told that casual visitors once had to ascend with the aid of a rope assemblage, and long before that, Native Americans had to reach it using whatever devices or efforts at their disposal.Carved by nature in a bluff overlooking a tributary of the Ohio River known as Cross Creek, the ancient rockshelter above had remained tucked away for millennia within a lush green, hilly landscape of what is today called the Allegheny Plateau of western Pennsylvania.

Assuming that the groundhog had dug up the bones, Miller wondered what lay beneath the soil.

At about 30 inches, I found a complete Indian-made flint knife.” Knowing that this was beyond his ken and fearing others would exploit the site, looting it of its artifacts for profit, he covered the spot and never told anyone about his find.

He decided he would reveal his discovery only when he felt that he’d come across the right archeologist whom he could trust with his treasure. For nearly 20 years, he scouted out archeologists, taking some into his confidence but never quite connecting with anyone until he was referred to James Adovasio, Ph. In the early 1970s, Adovasio, a young archeologist, took a position at the University of Pittsburgh and made it known that he was interested in exploring archeological sites near Western Pennsylvania.

The museum was overseen by a board, and they were able to purchase the land where the rock shelter was situated.

Where can you explore 16,000 years of life on the land in the upper Ohio Valley?

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