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It turned out in the end that I was just being used as a pawn to attract the attention of his real interest. You may be wondering why I felt the need for the moratorium if things really weren’t that awful.

The truth is that I have an empathic heart and a direct way of looking at things.

After the presentation, Matthew approached Linda and began his pursuit. Back at the company's New York offices, Matthew started calling her to chat and ask for advice about the business. And it was comforting to know that the guy in charge thought I was doing a great job," recalls Linda, who was one of the few women in CBS's senior ranks at the time.

Before long, the honcho, who had seldom been seen on the floor where Linda worked, began appearing at her office.

Linda says that her immediate supervisor, Bill, seemed particularly annoyed by all the attention Matthew was lavishing on her.

But despite the bad vibes, Linda jumped into a romantic relationship with Matthew.

The film is set in the backdrop of the IT industry.I didn’t update my relationship status during this time, and some of the encounters were very short-lived (restricted to one date or to weeks of conversation amounting to nothing at all).Of all of these dates, only one was serious (to me anyway).Below, seven stories of professionals who followed their hearts, only to find themselves in surprising places and compromising positions. If You Date the Boss's Boss, You Can Kiss Your Job Good-Bye The flirting began after Linda*, a young vice president for a division of CBS, gave a presentation at an out-of-town convention.Maybe it was something the confident VP said, or the way she said it, or how she looked-but something caught the eye of Matthew, a top CBS executive who was in the audience.

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