Pending setup validating mx record godaddy forwarding

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Here is a guide to do so: Not sure if I 100% understand the question but if you need to set up new email accounts. That tells email servers where to forward your email to.

You might want to put some other dns entries in there too? Check that the mx records are pointing to rackspace and you should be good to go. If your Name Servers point to Godaddy and your A records point to Rackspace and you purchased the email hosting on godaddy (which it sounds like you did to set up forwarders) then you most likely have the MX records set to something like smtp.(godaddy's mail servers), which just sounds like a complete mess.

If you haven't created a zone for your domain, then refer to this article.

You should already have the base records shown here: Click on the 'new record' link.

I'm not positive but I thought that might cause I problem so I deleted the other WWW record.

Might cause problems if you had the same subdomain pointing to two different destinations.

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The MX records associated with a domain assure that the email is properly routed via Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP).Personally, I would just use Google Apps to host the email, and follow their instructions.To get a better understanding how MX records work, here's some homework for you to go over.I've just transfer my custom domain over to Go Daddy to do my DNS and domain management there.Since I no longer had a hosting plan with Host Gator, only a domain management plan, it seems they would not allow me to add custom A records to my domain, which is critical to getting Blogger to work with a custom domain.

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