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About 70 percent of the hatchlings survive to flight stage, but many of the survivors succumb to power line collisions, lead poisoning, predators, disease and even shootings before females reach sexual maturity at age 6.

Hoffman said he thinks 60 wild nesting pairs would assure the swans’ future in Iowa.

Read Bridget and George’s love story Bridget’s Top 5 Dating Tips for People with Disabilities Bridget’s Top 5 Tips for Dating Someone with a Disability #Ask Easter Seals Q&A on Romantic Relationships with Autism We had a great Twitter chat about finding love with autism.

Be sure to check out our recap to get tips on love, dating and more from two couples with autism. Watch: From First Date to Wedding Day Bridget and George share their story, from first date to wedding day, and learn more about the ways in which they support each other.

The state now has about 50 wild nesting pairs raising about 80 cygnets to flight stage each year.The DNR’s annual January count recorded 1,823 swans, a 63 percent increase over the number counted last year, Hoffman said.Beemer’s Pond west of Fort Dodge, typically ground zero for wintering swans, had this year’s largest concentration, 360 swans, followed by Dale Maffitt Reservoir near Des Moines with 262 swans and Lake 4 near Atlantic with 135. Bonomi, Melissa Anderson, Julianna Nemeth, Suzanne Bartle-Haring, Cynthia Buettner and Deborah Schipper, DATING ABUSE PREVENTION PROGRAM ON OTHER YOUTH VIOLENCE OUTCOMES (abstract), Vangie A. PREVENTING TEEN DATING VIOLENCE AND YOUTH ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES, New York State Coalition Against Domestic Violence, Albany, NY. DATING VIOLENCE VICTIMIZATION ACROSS THE TEEN YEARS: ABUSE FREQUENCY, NUMBER OF ABUSIVE PARTNERS, AND AGE AT FIRST OCCURRENCE, Amy E. Senators Announce Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Week, U. Senators Mike Crapo, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joseph R. PREVENTING DOMESTIC AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE – RESOURCES FOR WORKING WITH TEENS, Michigan Resource Center on Domestic & Sexual Violence, Okemos, MI.

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