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So begins another adventure into getting it to work again.

At first I thought it was going to be easy, the service wasn’t running.

The default collection is named Default Collection, but you can change that in the collection that is in use on your TFS environment. The warehouse update is ready when all jobs have the “Idle” job status.

Whenever I talk about TFS, one of the things I always mention is the fact that because all the data about the software project is now being tracked in a SQL Server database, Microsoft were able to stick a Data Warehouse over the top of all that raw data to give you a really good view on reporting.

While you might want to figure out Reporting Services to provide custom reports automatically to your team and customers, I personally get the most value out of using my trusty old bedfellow, the tool that got me my first paid “programming” gig and is probably the most abused software package on the planet – Excel.

Excel is a great tool for doing ad-hoc data analysis and digging into some numbers to try and figure something out.

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Go to Data, From Other Sources, From Analysis Services. This is usually the server running SQL for your TFS instance (i.e. I am connecting to a TFS Server instance that has the database and the TFS application tier installed on the same machine.

The following exception occurred while the managed IDb Command interface was being used: Invalid column name 'Plan Owner__SID'. Strange thing is that I have recreated the databases and it continues to have this problem.

The Database TFS_warehouse collect data from TFS_Configuration and TFS_Project Collection. How to recreate the Data warehosue and the Analysis service for TFS?

It seems that there is a problem with TFS 2015 Cubes.

When you run the Test Plan Dimension than it complains about: Errors in the high-level relational engine.

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