Updating the inverse of a matrix hager

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In this paper we present an analytical forms for the inversion of general periodic tridiagonal matrices, and provide some very simple analytical forms which immediately lead to closed formulae for some special cases such as symmetric or perturbed Toeplitz for both periodic and non-periodic tridiagonal matrices.

This paper addresses the problem of deriving formulas for the Drazin inverse of a modified matrix.

This can be derived using blockwise matrix inversion.

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The provided results extend earlier works given in the literature.The chemical analysis showed that all the samples had high percentages of silica and alumina, thereby classifying them as Alumino-silicates. The values for specific gravity, bulk density, solid density and apparent porosity averaged 2.75, 2.04 g/cm3 , 3.18 g/cm3 , and 13% respectively and they were within the internationally accepted range. The Permian Basin – Intracratonic Subsidence Triggered by ARM Compression, Making an American "Superbasin", Thomas E. The Lower Montney Turbidite Complex of Northwest Alberta and Northeast British Columbia: Evolution of an Oil and Gas Play From Conventional to Unconventional, Richard Sereda, #10987 (2017). Discovery of Giant, Ultra-Deep Paleo-Reservoirs in the Tarim Basin and Geochemical Origin of Crude Oil, Guangyou Zhu, Feiran Chen, Na Weng, Haijun Yang, Huitong Wang, and Zhiyao Zhang, #10986 (2017).

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