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Bradley, Gen Els, Gen De-Caulle & Gen Montgomery ( 4 ) In Total.

More details Dunhill - Vintage Rollagas Lighter with 1/ Yellow Enamel and Gold Finish with Papers and Box.

Second, slap a lifetime guarantee on it—not the customer’s lifetime, mind you, the lifetime of the product itself (aka forever).

Finally, having ensured minimal repeat business, go ahead and launch your company in the middle of The Great Depression.

Now, our business acumen developed solely from watching episodes of , but this sounds like an awful idea.

Yet, here we are, some 83 years later, and the Zippo brand continues to thrive. Well, there are a number of reasons—a determined founder, some clever ad placements, war—but one that shouldn’t be overlooked is collectibility, which is something Zippo has catered to—both knowingly and unknowingly—since its earliest days.

Motown Label (STML11081), Bridget St John ' Jumble Queen' (CHR1062), Pete Sinfield ' Still' Manticore Label (ANTI 2001), The Rolling Stones ' No.2' and ' Some Girls', Pink Floyds ' Meddle' French Issue, ' A Nice Pair' Double LP and ' Obscured by Clouds' (SHSP 4020), Love ' Four Sail' (EKS 74049), Melanie ' Garden in the City' Scratch & Sniff Sleeve, The Beatles ' Revolver' Parlophone Label, others by Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, Bob Marley, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Blondel and many others.

I lost it, so it doesn't count since I no longer have it. That one, with USS Belle Grove on it dates from early-1960. And thanks for the info and link Correction: Dad's Zippo's date should be '1960', not 'early-1960.

My oldest personally-bought Zippo is brush-finished stainless steel. I also have a black Zippo that I bought new, but I can't read the date code because of the paint.

About 30% of Zippo’s sales are to collectors, according to Patrick Grandy, the company’s Corporate Media and Communications Manager.

But that’s a figure that doesn’t happen overnight—hell, it took Ty Inc.

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